About Me

I’m a California babe, one-time big city girl who has somehow ended up in the small town I grew up in, about to enter my 30’s & still learning lessons the hard way. I’m a daydreamer of the highest regard. A former Financial Services Officer turned part-time Grad Student working in Education. I love unconditionally and laugh uncontrollably. I quote movies and song lyrics often trying to pass them off as my own, mostly as an ice-breaker. I find it’s a great way to make new friends or eliminate the dead end prospects. I’m ambitious and optimistic. I go all in, even if that means risking losing it all. Adventure is out there. Life is too short to not live passionately and with purpose. My aim is to keep an open mind, as well as heart, while figuring out my place in this wonderful world…

4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Gosh, thank you so much for your comment. I’ve always felt I expressed myself best in writing & am so glad I decided to commit to this blog. It has helped me in so many ways this summer & I’m grateful to connect with people like you. 😊

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