My Best Mistake

Great piece of writing. I found it to be so personal, yet incredibly relatable. *Deep breath*

Ella Thinks Aloud

If I had to be completely honest, loving you was a mistake. You were an awful choice that ended in heartache and devastation.

But of all the mistakes I’ve made in the past, you were a good one, perhaps the best one. You were the only mistake that looked my way, that even considered getting to know me, that believed I was the most beautiful girl in the world. You were the only mistake that comforted me when I was crying, that calmed my nerves when I was stressed, that took care of me when I was sick.  You were the only mistake that ever dared to fall in love with me, to accept my imperfections and eccentricities, to sit through my tantrums with patience and understanding. You were the only mistake that could ever see right through me, that knew me for my graces and my faults, that saw me at my…

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4 thoughts on “My Best Mistake

  1. I can’t believe Gur2#ain&l8e17;s holiday is coming out soon. I was just enjoying my summer too. =( I guess summer is really over, but xmas is just around the corner. =)Joyce recently posted …


    1. Hey Natalie – It definitely can be part of the Indian expecienre. And I just knew because the dish was cold, it was spinach (which goes bad easily), it tasted a bit off and it was covered in ghee (clarified butter). If you follow your gut feelings when it comes to eating in India, you should avoid going through what I went through!


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