Two Months Until 30. Yikes!

In two months I will turn 30 years old. I never really thought about what my life would look like at 30 years of age. I wasn’t one of those girls who made strict deadlines in regards to the number of kids I’d have or years I would be married before hitting a certain age. I always thought that would add unnecessary pressure to my life and be completely unrealistic. I wasn’t in charge of those minor details in one’s life, so I left it up to the higher powers that be and have just rolled with the punches.

I have always been quite ambitious in regards to many other aspects of my life. Education was always important, a bachelor’s degree was a minimum requirement. I have always desired to travel, just get up and go. Anywhere and everywhere. Learn from other cultures and seek out the wisdom of others. Independence is extremely imperative, now more so than ever. I wanted to make sure I didn’t need to depend on anyone else to fulfill my basic human needs, except one. You got it. L-O-V-E.

Up until a few days ago, I was very much looking forward to sharing a milestone birthday with someone by my side. Not just anyone, someone I loved and thought loved me in return. I was feeling like I had it all figured out. I was pursuing my dream career, living with my dream dude in an area I had grown very fond of, and looking forward to the challenges and changes up ahead. I was going to enter this new decade with pomp and circumstance. Finally becoming a woman I could be proud to face in the mirror.

Then my relationship ended. I now find myself temporarily unemployed, still in grad school, and back living with my family in an area that is as foreign to me as when I first left on my eighteenth birthday. So what’s next? Wallow in my sorrows. Not this time- that’s what your 20’s are for I tell myself. Been there, done that. Will it be easy? Heck no. But will it be worth it? Definitely! I’ve devised a master plan. Well, sort of. I’m hoping this new plan of attack will make me stronger than ever before.

My hope is to embrace 30 with open arms and a confident stance towards my direction in life. Only time will tell, but take my word, it’s going to be an unforgettable day…

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